Print: PIC DL brochure 2009

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Brochure design for Photographic Imaging College (PIC).

For this brochure design PIC wanted to really highlight the photographic ‘craft’ and level of expertise the college can give to the student. A set of images of photographic studio equipment being set up was shot inside the studio at the college. From seeing these images, I had a few concepts for the brochure, but pursued only the one I thought was the strongest.

I wanted to use traditional-looking black and white images, but in a non-traditional way. This idea of juxtaposing the traditional with the unconventional worked well with the two sides of the college — and of photography in general — analogue and digital.

The double gate-fold helps the viewer ‘unravel’ the brochure, and the college, themselves, raising their level of input and interest.

This concept had three more benefits:

  1. The odd cropping and placement of the images made the viewer look a little harder to understand what was going on visually. This meant that the viewer had to invest a little more time and effort, but ultimately draws them in and further raises interest in the college.
  2. Using only black and white images, the brochure could be designed using only two colours: black and a highlight. This reduced the cost of production, removed any printing registration issues, and also opened the possibility of using special inks, like fluorescent orange, to make the brochure stand out. (Regular four-colour-process inks [CMYK] are unable to reach a level of purity and brightness that some single colours can).
  3. With cleverlt written copy that didn’t mention the current year, the same brochure could be reprinted for subsequent years, but separated easily by using a different highlight colour. (The next year’s brochure was printed in Black and cyan (light blue).

This design has been a successful one for the college, in terms of interest and awareness raised, but also in costs of production, which is always important ;)

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