Print: Poultry Palace Brochure

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Brochure design for Poultry Palace, a Melbourne-based supplier of poultry to the retail and service industries.

The focus of this project was simply to make the product stand out, look delicious, and be desirable. This brochure involved both graphic design, and extensive photographic retouching.

The layout was simple and clean, allowing for the product images to dominate. The products were professionally shot, so I had great images to work with, but work was needed to enhance the beauty in the food, and to clean up all blemishes and inconsistencies.

Actually, it took quite a lot of work to get them to their final stage, and I was always considering the balance between being colourful and delicious, being too colourful so they looked retouched, and using the correct ink weights in the image so they would reproduce perfectly.