Print: Subnormal CD package

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CD Package design for heavy-rock band Subnormal.

As this was the debut album for the band, I wanted to make the design simple, aggressive, and timeless. Something that wouldn’t pigeon-hole the band into a certain look or style.

As fire is one of the simplest, and rawest forms of power, I chose to use this as a theme throughout the CD package. The album title “Theory For Evolution” represents that as mankind, we are in an age where it is possible to map, or design, our own evolution. The fire is a metaphor for scrapping the way we have become as a (western) society, and in a sense cleaning the slate and starting over.

While the concept is simple, the artwork was not. Much time was spent on the details of the images so they look photo-realistic. You can see the retouching work for this project in more detail.

Check out (and buy!) Theory For Evolution on iTunes.

Disclaimer: I was the drummer in this band :)