Print: Two Points exhibition booklet

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Booklet design for an exhibition titled “Two Points In Time’. This exhibition celebrated former Photographic Imaging College (PIC) students, who have continued working in photography either commercially or artistically.

“Two Points In Time” refers to the time each student began at the college, and when their exhibited photograph was created. Using this idea, I created a somewhat surreal graphic for the front cover, which is explained later in the booklet. The graphic is reminiscent of artwork by Hipgnosis, most famous for their album cover designs for Pink Floyd. I loved this type of artwork because it inspired imagination and thinking on the part of the viewer, and often contained cryptic puzzles and visual mysteries.

The format of the piece was to be a square, but with a fold out back cover which revealed the source of the graphic on the front cover.

The catalogue could be purchased at the exhibition, and is still used as an advertising piece for the college.

I remember this being one of those projects where I drove to pick the finished booklets up from the production house and deliver them to the opening of the exhibition literally minuted before the doors opened. I don’t like it when things happen this way, but it’s fun to think about now :)

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