Print: Yes Maybe No CD Package

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CD package design for Laura‘s EP Yes Maybe No.

The band Laura asked me to design a package for their new EP “Yes Maybe No”. I liked this project immediately because the title was so ambiguous and intriguing — my mind started thinking conceptually right away.

The band had just returned to Australia from a tour across Europe, so I used photographs for the front and back cover which I had shot some years earlier from a plane window on my own trip to Europe.

For the inside spread, I used a photograph I had shot at the most Australian of Australian places: the beachside camping ground ;) While the cover represented Laura’s recent trip to Europe, the inside represented Laura’s home base.

As the title of the EP is so ambiguous, the design of the CD had to be also. I wanted to have the title on the cover, but also not have it. As this is impossible, I recreated that scenario as a sort of ghostly apparition — the title was there, but it was hard to make out because of a special spot UV treatment.

The spot UV treatment is a clear coat of light-reflective ink that sits on top of the cover. I wrote the band’s name “Laura” in capital letters over the EP title, making the it difficult to read at first, requiring the viewer to tilt and twist the EP so the band name becomes invisible, and the EP title can be seen.

I used this same treatment for the EP title on the back cover. It’s there, but can only be seen when tilted to reflect a direct light source.

Check out Yes Maybe No on iTunes.

I also designed the (Re)Capitulate album artwork for Laura.