Retouch: Kawasaki Ninja Fest image

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A direct mail campaign for Kawasaki needed a concept. I was given an image of the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, the Kawasaki and Ninja Fest logos, and a tight deadline.

The purpose of this direct mail piece was to raise awareness of an event showcasing the new Ninja motorcycle. I decided to create an image combining a teaser view of the new bike, and the swift slice of a ninja’s katana blade. Although a slice from a katana blade would normally result in a clean cut, I wanted to give the piece an exciting, raw feel with a torn paper element, to bring across the essence of the new bike. This was done by tearing several pieces of paper and card, and scanning the edges in high-resolution to capture the subtle characteristics of the tear form.

This was a situation of creating a lot with a little. It was challenging — especially on a tight deadline — but fun.