Tattoo: Lizzie / Maya

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A good friend asked me to create a tattoo design which contained the name of his wife Lizzie, and the name of their daughter Maya. The (literal) twist? He wanted an ambigram. How could I say no to this challenge?

I knew I’d have chance of success, especially after creating a monogram for some friends a little while back. But a monogram is much easier because you’re really only balancing some elements visually, an ambigram requires not only that, but the same elements must be used to create two separate things — Mr. Squiggle style.

After a few promising sketches, the basis was worked out, but the feeling from my friend was that it was too feminine. I agreed, and began masculine-ising the design. In the end, my friend was happy, and it did have a harder edge than the previous iterations.

The tattoo is half complete currently. I hope to show an image of the tattoo once finished.