Website: Axis Property

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Website design for Axis Property.

This project was a low budget one, having around 12–16 hours for design concepts and mockups. Fortunately, as a property search website, the concept didn’t need to be too involved graphically.

The main aspect to get right in this design was the usability of the website — what does the user want to achieve, and how can I make it as easy and straight-forward for them.

The prominent features on the site are the search panel, and a featured property. The search panel was recognised as the most used feature so it had to be the first thing the user sees when viewing the site. The featured property allows Axis to promote certain properties to investors of developers.

The colours blue and yellow were drawn from the logo, and I used yellow as a prominent colour for the top of the site, making it recognisable and memorable, but I didn’t want to flood the site with yellow because it would become overpowering. The blue (and a third neutral, grey) are used to give the site a feeling of solidity and a certain amount of corporate-ness.

View the live site here:

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.