Website: Cakes of Taste

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Website design for Cakes of Taste, a Melbourne-based collection of cake artists.

This project had a tight deadline and budget, and my design concept was created and mocked up within eight hours(!), with a further four needed for refinement and multiple page templates. It was a speedy effort!

The design for this site needed to follow from the branding design, in that it had to look ‘edible’, be easy to find cake examples, and not look too ‘expensive’.

The final design is simple, with the main focus being the user’s journey to find the perfect cake, and the secondarily to find contact information.

The Cakes of Taste website was an ideal candidate for a WordPress back-end, giving the administrator simple web-based tools so they can easily update and contribute content to the site themselves, without needing any technical knowledge.

The site was designed and built ready to add e-commerce functionality — online sales — in the future, so when the time comes it will be a straight-forward process needing no design revisions.

This complete project was turned around in a matter of days!

See the live site here:

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.