Website: Prosperity Property

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Website design for Prosperity Property, a consulting service for people looking to purchase properties for investment.

This design project was part of a larger branding exercise for Prosperity Property, including a logo design and an EDM design. All elements had to work together in a consistent manner, but the website was the piece that really took the branding elements the farthest.

The primary purpose of the website was to gain users’ trust and respect enough for them to make contact with the company. To do this, the website needed to do as well in Google search results as possible, meaning that the way the site was built would play an important role in search engine optimisation (SEO). As well as this, the website needed to contain as much rich and relevant content as possible.

The design needed to make the content as easily accessible as possible. Menu items are large and easy to access, body text is slightly larger than usual to allow investors — mostly and older target audience, and the content is written in a straight-forward way to help users understand the information quickly.

The website design is bright and pleasant to look at, with a soft edge to entice the user to feel comfortable and trust the information presented.

The website has had a great response according to the client :)

View the live site here:

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.