Website: Windermere Child Services

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Website design for Windermere, Melbourne’s most enduring welfare agency.

Using the colours from Windermere tree as a starting point, I designed the website with a warm and optimistic feel. The children’s handwriting which makes up the leaves of the Windermere tree was was used throughout to reinforce the feeling of belonging and friendliness. Other textures were used also, to give the website a little depth and detail.

The purpose of the website is to provide the user with information on what Windermere do, and have achieved, as an organisation. The organisation relies on part of it’s funding coming from donations and sponsorships. The website is designed to showcase the benefits of the organisation, and to establish a trust with the user. In turn, a user will hopefully donate to help Windermere’s cause.

See the live site here:

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.