Wedding ring design

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Early in 2010 I got married. In the month before the big day, I had ordered a titanium ring from It was inexpensive, and masculine. When it had arrived and I held it in my hand, I realised that I needed to design my ring. For such an important, once in a lifetime event, how could I not?

So I got to work. I wanted something heavy, but not big; something special, but not showy; something handcrafted, but not delicate. I thought of my love for Japanese knives, and the hundreds of years of history and learning that modern bladesmiths are handed down. I thought of the forging process of hammering a piece of steel into something special.

The ring I designed looks as though it had been forged from a single piece of silver. In fact, when I approached a local jeweller to produce my design, it turned out the only way to create it was to create a mold and cast it as one solid piece of silver. Exactly what I wanted!

Once I had the cast ring in my hands, I went to work to finish it off. As far as the jeweller was concerned, it was already finished, but I just wanted to add my own subtle touches, even though I have absolutely no experience in jewellery-making :(

I used a small file to make some of the faces more uneven and unique, and the rough part of a dishwashing sponge to smooth the corners and make it look worn in. I was happy with the result, and even happier to realise that if the ring gets a few knocks or scratches during it’s life, it will be a good thing :)

This is not the first piece of jewellery I’ve designed. Read about my hazelnut cufflinks.