Auschwitz or bust

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Bust. It’s been constantly raining in Kraków since wee arrived. Constantly. Today we decided to brave the weather and make the trek out to see and experience Auschwitz and Birkenau. Yesterday, we spent the morning having brekkie, and drinking espresso martinis before midday. Then we spent the afternoon watching The Wire in the apartment. (We did actually go out to see a documentary on Helmet Newton as part of the Kraków photo month, but we got soaked doing it).

So after grabbing a few bits from the bakery we headed out to catch the bus to Oświecięn. The hour and a half bus ride took closer to two and half hours due to the rain. Along the way, we could see evidence of many smaller rivers and creeks with broken banks. But this didn’t bother us.

…until we finally arrived, and learned all the camps and even the museum were closed due to flooding. After some deliberation decision was made to simply turn around and go back to town. Unfortunately, this decision was made by many others. When the minibus arrived to pick us up, we had standing room only.

The trip back was long not only ‘cos we were on our feet, but also the crowded nature of the minibus brought on mind motion sickness. It was NOT a pleasant trip back. In fact, it was a waste of a day. It was still raining. The reports on the radio have talked about evacuations of a couple town that lie on the Wisła river. Kraków lies on the Wisła, but were safe so far. The river did look extremely full and fast-flowing when we saw it last night. Floods. Jesus.

On the flip side, we had pierogi for lunch. Win, but the only one today.