Bingo! (update 28.5.10)

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So, not long after we left the mountainous region of Zakopane, I decided I’d play a bingo-esque game of find-the-woodland-critter.

Now that we’ve left the Zakopane region, spent a few days in Warsaw, and now a couple days in Białowieża, I’ve checked many, but not all, things of my list of things to spy in Poland:

  • Hare
  • Fox
  • Woodpecker
  • Bear
  • Beaver
  • Squirrel
  • Wolf (In nature reserve — Thank god)
  • Deer
  • Hearing an Owl
  • Bison
  • Eating snow
  • Drink from 3 running rivers (only got 2, but we’re going to Mikołajki [lakes district] tomorrow, so I expect to have this one too)

Bonus points:

  • seeing an Owl
  • A woodland creature capturing another for dinner UPDATE: (so, a week ago we saw a bird pulling a worm out of the ground and fly away with it. It was pretty cool, but we decided that this didn’t quite qualify as a point on the list. Yesterday, however, we saw a small black and grey bird killing a smaller black and brown one. Seriously. It was standing on and pecking at the other bird hard with its beak, while the smaller bird was thrashing about (presumably) in agony. It stopped for a few seconds, and the smaller bird tried to get up and hobble away, but then it jumped back on top and kept pecking. Not a constant stab, stab, stab, but rather a stab — look at the bird and consider if another peck was needed — then stab again. It was rather exciting, if not a bit morbid to watch. Now, I have no idea whether the larger bird intended to have the smaller for ‘dinner’, but I think I can cross this one off for the sheer spirit of the act.)
  • 10 pierogi for under 10zł (In Kraków)

I don’t think we’ll get them all, but so far I’m pretty content.