CS4 and CS5 icon files

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Last year, I created a Photoshop file of the Adobe CS4 icon that I customised with my initials. I used this to export a nice avatar for various sites and networks. This year (well, a few days ago) I created a CS5 one. You can have them both for free :)

The PSD files are completely customisable as you can see from this screenshot of the layers panel. If you want the authentic look, you’ll need Myriad Pro font (which comes with the Adobe CS Installs). If you don’t have this font, or you don’t like it, you can easily change the font in the file.

Download the files

You can use these files for whatever purpose you like, including commercial projects, but not for resale of the file itself. Instead of money, you can say thanks in the comments and/or pass the link to this page on to others.


  • Jamie Dorval Caya
    Jamie Dorval Caya Jamie Dorval Caya

    Looks great, thanks !

  • Travis Fish
    Travis Fish Travis Fish

    Great work. Thanks for releasing the psds!

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    No problem.