Latte art — feather

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So, I’m getting closer, no?

In fact, recently I found out a friend of mine has also been trying her hand at ‘proper’ coffee. Focusing primarily on the taste and texture, she had accidentally created some latte art, and therefore automatically challenged me to a ‘Latte Art-off’. Behold! Latte Art-Off (tumblr site) which will document my, Mish’s and Willo’s experiments in latte art. With a winner.

  • Michelle Z.
    Michelle Z. Michelle Z.

    I’m a writer who loves the idea of a feather (a quill?!) in my latte foam.

    Do you have any other feather latte art pics? Can I repost this on my blog


  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Hi Michelle Z. I do not have any more feather latter art pics for you; I was aiming for a rosetta leaf. But I’ll try to knock one out for you next coffee :)

    Feel free to post the image on your blog. There are more creations from me (and some of my friends) on this site: Latte Art Off. You can use any of the pics *I* put up there. They’re easy to separate from the ones my mates put up I think.