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This is where I’ll be laying out my thoughts, photos, experiments — pretty much all the digital stuff that pertains to me.

I used to write over here, but that’s being retired. Here is where it’s at nowadays people. Hope you enjoy.

A disclaimer:
This site is about 80% complete currently. Lots of content to add, specifically in the work and play sections. The work area is the time consuming one, as I still need to collate my best work from the past few years.

There’s also a tiny bit of super-nerd scripting to be done by Kirk. As Kirk would agree, I’ve no business mucking around in HTML, CSS, or PHP myself. I’m sticking to MarsEdit and the WordPress admin panel. Kirk handles the rest.

So, you’ll no doubt see things go a bit wonky and/or disappear and reappear. Bare with me though, ‘cos at least the text should work.

Thanks for your ear…
As you were.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    is.. Kirk your.. minion?

    no I never did call him – but I might one day: when he least expects it!

    nice place.. this place.

  • bart
    bart bart

    Yo. Kirk’s not my minion — we’ve been bartering. I provided some design work for him, he built this nice place.