The Hills Are Alive

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…with the sound of dragonflies, swallows, swans, bumble bees, storks, frogs, beetles, ducks, foxes, and of course us on our bicycles.

Today we went for a 25km ride through the most beautiful countryside I think I’ll ever see. Between the towns of Mikołajki and Łuknajno is a lake which is home to wild swans. The bike ride circles the lake and completes an exquisite visual, aural, and smell-ual frollick through sandy country roads, which eventually lead back into town.

I must upload some video and photos upon my return so you can get some idea of the serenity. Currently, I only have an accidental pic taken while fumbling with recording some video on my iPhizzle. Hope this is ok.

Post ride, we’re sitting on our balcony, watching the yachts go by, eating brie and sausage, drinking G and Ts, and vodka and grapefruit juice. Worse places to be.

(Speaking of which, a trip to the local supermarket got us the following for about AU$21: bag of pretzels, 250g of Brie, two medium-sized sausages, two blocks of chocolate (cadbury-sized), a 2L bottle of tonic, a 1.5L bottle of mineral water, and a 350ml bottle of Gin. True story.