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I’ve been trawling through my work archive so I can select projects for my work pages (not finished yet). One thing I realised was that I have a crap-load of work: some of it bad, much of it ok — albeit dated, and some pretty good. There’s enough to pick from that I think I’ll come across as a reasonably good graphic designer. I guess you’ll see soon enough.

But, in the meantime, I want to show you a couple of little webpage gems I unearthed, from the internet-ancient time of 2004. These are pages I built myself using DreamWeaver, which I’m sure I was 110% happy and excited about when I made them. In fact, they make me feel a flutter of joy just looking at them now.

But, before we get into the good stuff, I’d like to preface these shining examples of table-full web design with a tasty morsel of text from within one of the pages:

Some images may take a little time to load, please be patient. The bigger ones are 50kb.

LOL. 50kb!!! Be patient indeed — these were the golden days of dial-up.

Without further ado, please get your browsers ready. Presenting, my online portfolio from 2004! (Best viewed in 800 x 600px …seriously).


Click image to view

…and, as a bonus for both my readers, here’s my online CV From 200-3! Blam!


Click image to view

Heh, got you reaching for the nostalgic table-designed virtual Kleenex™? If not, I dare you view the source code for the portfolio site. Kapow!

Rad — my URL in the CV still works :P

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    It has just occurred to me that I haven’t told you lately how much I enjoy reading you. I spent the last wee while looking at your old portfolio and CV – they’re both so authentically ‘bart’. You are a good writer.

    In other news: Skype – yes? but I’ve never used it and will need helps…

    and yes, you do slice a neat tomato.

  • bart
    bart bart

    I tend to write more ‘properly’ than I speak, I think because I’m paying attention to grammar and spelling, whereas when I speak, it just spews forth without much filtering or editorial input.

    I definitely swear less when writing. I know this is true because I know my (and Kelly’s) parents occasionally read my blog.


    Thanks for the compliment.