Feet for farkin fish food fo’ realz.

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On the weekend, right after watching Despicable Me[1. It was meh.], Kelly and I dropped into Kenko Wellness Spa for a foot treatment session, which was being conducted by thousands of little fish!

A brief history from the Kenko website:

For decades, people seeking alternative methods of healing have made pilgrimages to Eastern Europe countries such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan to name a few, to experience the Dr Fish therapy at the hot spring spas resorts. These fish’s unique dietary habits were first discovered in the waters of a hot spring near Kangal, Turkey.

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa is proud to employ “Doctor Fish” finned employees from variable Dr Fish species, with the objective of allowing our customers to experience natural exfoliation of the feet to produce healthy, glowing skin results from even the most crusty or diseased epidermis.

In summary: the fish eat all the dead crap of yer feet.

It was an interesting experience. They’re opening a full body version soon, so I think I’ll be giving that a go, y’know, for research purposes. Kelly’ll pass.

Here’s a video I put together which gives you a better feel for this special treatment. Put your headphones on or turn your speakers up for maximum awesome:

Coming to a spa near you…