Love in the work place

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In a recent post, fellow blogger and friend Jamjar, while describing her favourite love stories in movies, strung together a few sentences to produce possibly one of my favourite paragraphs I’ve read in 2010:

After all they’ve been through mostly mistaking passion for each other as disdain and dislike, Leia realises her attraction as it flares up all over Han Solo in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon whilst parked inside the asteroid creature’s stomach. Talk about love in the work place. They declare their love as Solo is lowered into the carboniting chamber — Leia cries out to Han “I love you” to which he replies “I know” — she buries her face into Chewbacca’s furs to soak up her tears of loss.

Chewbacca’s furs. Classic.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    On your blog it makes me laugh!

    thanks for cleaning up my spelling :)

  • bart
    bart bart

    Yeah, stuff’s always funnier on here. I think Kirk installed some WordPress plugin. Guess that says something on what he thinks of my personality?

    BTW, I was hoping you wouldn’t bring up the spelling thing, but I had to do that for Chewbacca’s sake :P