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During the last 12 days or so I’ve been collating, collecting, cropping, selecting, writing, PHP-ing, CSS-ing, and frustrate…err -ing?

As my work contract with Six Degrees Digital is drawing to a close, I’ve been working hard to get the best pieces of my design sorted for uploading to the work section and the play section of this site. I’m glad to say it’s almost complete! Just a couple more things to add, and then we’ll all be up to date :)

This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time — getting all the best examples of my work together in one place. As I’m sure most designers know, this can be a mammoth task which takes a hell of a lot of time. Trawling through archives, searching for personal work, freelance work, and work for previous employers is simply a time-consuming task, and one that I could have only accomplished with the fortunate circumstance of having two weeks of (almost) free time.

Was it the best way to spend a couple week? Probably not, although it feels great to have a long-standing task such as this behind me.

*breathes a long sigh of relief*

So, what now you ask? I guess I can begin moving forward with my sabbatical, the details and developments of which you can read about on this site. The next 18 months or so for me are fairy up in the air. Hopefully, upon my return to Australia, I’ll land safely on my feet and start running like a mofo[1. This a semi-cryptic message to possible 18-month-in-the-future employers. Take note.].

Oh, and I have to do my tax :(

Feel free to take a squiz at what my life has amounted to thus far.