Cover: BigM Egg Flip

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Celebrating the return in 2010 of one of the great flavours of BigM — Egg Flip. From memory (and I’m going back maybe 15–20 years), it was a smooth, sweet flavour, almost like a rich vanilla, or custard. Yummo.

This image shows the original retro packaging which I wish BigM would reintroduce. It’s so simple and fun. However I don’t think they ever will, because I think their target demographic has changed. I believe the vast majority of marketing efforts with BigM, and other flavoured milk brands, is young males. Especially the coffee flavours.

Anyway, I welcome back Egg Flip to Australian stores. I’ll be on the lookout for one whenever I’m back in Oz. Hopefully it tastes as good as I remember.
By the way, did you know the M in BigM doesn’t stand for ‘milk’?