Nerding out — 18 GB per second!

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So, I’ve had a few days to play with my overhauled Mac, and I can report that real-world speed in Photoshop has improved significantly, and backup times have improved very significantly!

Photoshop performance

A file that used to take Photoshop around 20–30 seconds to save (as a PSD) now takes about 3–4 seconds! That’s around a 650–750% reduction in save times! Save times are important to me, because I have a twitchy Command-S (save) finger. I save often. And this reduction in time keeps my flow going when I’m working.

As well as saving, there’s a smoothness increase when working. Command-Zs (Undos) are quick and painless, image resizing is quick, and overall Photoshop feels more responsive and zippy.

These improvements are mainly coming from having my data on a separate drive to my system files, and also because my data drive is a RAID 0 stripe.


Now that my data is separated from my system, backing up my data is very simple. I use SuperDuper! for backing up my data and cloning my system to separate drives, but as it stands, I could use a simple finder copy to back up my data, because there are no system files buried in there. Just work files. This makes backing up painless and fast. How fast, very fast!

According to SuperDuper!, i used to get around 40–50Mb per second copy speed during a backup. Sometimes a bit slower, but usually around the 40–50Mb range. Now, I’m getting around 4000–5000Mb per second copy speed! 4–5GB per second! (screenshot) That’s a speed increase of 100 times! Occasionally, I’ve caught it reporting a copy speed of over 18GB per second! (although I think it might be a glitch in the matrix, but still, I caught my Mac doing that :) (screenshot).

I feel good about this stuff, ‘cos it means my experiment has paid off and I’ve achieved what I wanted :D

Later Nerd

Ok, that’s probably the last of my nerding out posts. If I find something else terribly exciting I’ll just update this post rather than bore you with a new post. So say goodbye to the nerd-Bart, and welcome the whatever-you-though-I-was-before-Bart of previous posts.

But before I go, I just want to nerd it up one last time with this tidbit: it turns out this post is the third in a nerderiffic trilogy! That’s right, it’s in the same boat as Star Wars[1. Yes, I said a trilogy of Star Wars: Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi. There were no other movies.] and LOTR[2. If you need this explained you have no business reading these nerd posts.]! Radstix! If you missed them, here are parts one and two.