Things: an introduction

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We should not focus on having the things we want, but wanting the things we have.


I’m starting a new series called Things. The purpose of this series is to highlight some of my favourite possessions — physical or material things that make my life a little bit easier, more pleasant, and enjoyable.

We’re often told not to get caught up in our material possessions. I’ve decided to bring attention to “the material” because I believe we often don’t appreciate why we love the things we do. I say there’s no shame in appreciating the things you love. Spending money on a ‘thing’ just to own it is pointless; it’s the reason why we buy the things we do that makes the point.

By asking why, by delving deeper into our things, we can learn about our relationship to design, explore how it can affect us as humans, and perhaps learn a little about ourselves in the process.

That’s my hope anyway…

Things. An exploration of the stuff I love and why I love it.