September, 2010

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German/Swiss/Malaysian border

Last week we went out exploring for some new local food areas. We’d found a nice little pocket recently, roughly 10 minutes walk away, which had a few Middle-Eastern places, one or two Chinese places, and a handful of higher-end restaurants including Italian and Japanese. But this time, we decided to try the street that runs directly behind our apartments. Kelly was in the mood for Roti Canai (pronounced Chanai), and the best place to get that is at the local food stalls; a bunch of which can be seen from our balcony.

Bali 01 & 02

The two things I’ll remember the most from last weekend’s trip to Kuta Beach in Bali are the sunshower-like spray from the breaking waves, and Jimmy’s Bar. 01 Years ago, when I used to surf regularly, I’d find myself in the ocean not long after daybreak. This is generally when the wind is gentler, blowing offshore (off the shore, towards the sea), and the water is as smooth as glass. As you float over less-perfect waves they break with a crackle sound behind you.

Cover: Donnie Darko

I watched Donnie Darko (the original cut) again. It is such a good movie. If you haven’t seen, I urge you to see it soon. Ensure you do not watch the director’s cut before you watch the original; a few things are better in the director’s cut, but on the whole it gives you a far inferior experience.


On a recent trip to Poland to attend my cousin’s wedding, Kelly and I made a stop eight kilometres outside of Kętrzyn to see Wolfsschanze (The Wolf’s Lair). In short, it was one of Adolf Hitler’s HQs and where much of the invasion of Poland was planned. It was also the location of an accidentally foiled assassination attempt on Hitler. It’s actually a very interesting story, if only for what it could have done to the annals of history had it happened as intended.

MANZA ‘Bad Taste’ Party

Boo! Here’s a sincere word of advice: DO NOT LOOK AT THE ABOVE PICTURE. Last weekend MANZA put on a drinks night with the theme of ‘bad taste’. It was a good opportunity to drop some inhibitions and meet some new people. This, surprisingly, wasn’t too difficult, even for someone looking like a porn director and trainee pedophile :( In point form, my attire consisted of: Mo'[1. I should’ve stopped right there] Slick hair with fluffed up back-end (Mafia at the front, old skool Mel Gibson at the back) Salmon shirt with two or three too many buttons undone Light blue jeans, cuffed My yellow belt 1991 Nike Air Trainer Max 1s Kelly simply wore every pattern she had all at once, including baby blue striped anklet socks with pink pumps.


A quick note I’m going to begin separating the single-photo posts on this site from the main posts. What this means is that individual photo posts will not be displayed on the home page or the RSS feed, they’ll only exist in the photography section. Instead, I will begin a series of monthly posts (my brain is yet to hatch a name) containing a gallery of photos I’ve worked on for that month. Most of the time, I create more images than I write articles, and I feel it takes away from the textual aspect of this site — especially for folks back home who are reading to find out what’s been going on in KL.

How to win friends and influence people. With watermelon.

I have invented the best way to prepare/serve watermelon. End of paragraph. I say I invented this method of watermelon preparation because I’ve never seen it before. I also say it’s the best method because it’s the ideal balance between looks (presentation), eating (mouth-feel), and speed (speed). Some existing methods, melon balls for example, have a great mouth-feel when you eat them, but they take a long time to make, require a special tools, are fiddly, and waste much of the watermelon.

Cover: Sopranos

Just finished watching the Sopranos (for the third time). This time around I noticed things I’d missed the first couple of times. ====== Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the Sopranos before====== Things like number of times Chris almost parts ways with Tony, and how much of an arsehole Tony actually becomes as the series moves along. I particularly loved the ending — as with many of the major moments in the show, this time round I was full of more suspense and thrill than on previous viewings.