Bat, man!

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So yeah, I went out onto the balcony this morning (~11am) to get the washing out of the dryer, and there was a bat hanging about causing mischief. Shouldn’t it be sleeping at 11am?

He gave me a bit of a fright to be honest. I opened the door, he gets startled, and starts flapping about trying to fly away. It was only after a few seconds that I realised it was a cute little bat[1. Or, a vicious, rabies-riddled one…] and ran to get my camera.

Before I had a chance to put the camera down and pick the little guy up, he flew off the balcony. You can see him take off in the last pic.

Bats. In the daytime. WTF?

By the way, this was not my first encounter of a furry, wild, even cute, creature in my home.