Cover: Sopranos

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Just finished watching the Sopranos (for the third time). This time around I noticed things I’d missed the first couple of times.

====== Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the Sopranos before======

Things like number of times Chris almost parts ways with Tony, and how much of an arsehole Tony actually becomes as the series moves along. I particularly loved the ending — as with many of the major moments in the show, this time round I was full of more suspense and thrill than on previous viewings. Which is weird in theory, but it makes sense: I’d already absorbed the ‘on-the-surface’ aspects of the show, and on the third viewing I (subconsciously) focused more on the ‘unseen’ things, the subtleties, the emotions.

If you’ve seen the show to the end, I highly recommend spending an hour reading this comprehensive post about the conclusion of the series.

Image credit: ‘Onion rings‘ by johnjoh