German/Swiss/Malaysian border

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Last week we went out exploring for some new local food areas. We’d found a nice little pocket recently, roughly 10 minutes walk away, which had a few Middle-Eastern places, one or two Chinese places, and a handful of higher-end restaurants including Italian and Japanese. But this time, we decided to try the street that runs directly behind our apartments. Kelly was in the mood for Roti Canai (pronounced Chanai), and the best place to get that is at the local food stalls; a bunch of which can be seen from our balcony.

A five minute walk brought us to the street in question, and after walking along for a little while I realised this was the same street which had the basketball court I’ve mentioned once before on this site. Cool! But we had already passed it. I wanted to go back but sometimes things like can be dangerous. It was peak hour and the cars and trucks were backed up all the way down the road. In one direction. This is bad because the motorbike riders take to the other side of the street, the wrong side, to hoon along. The footpaths leave much to be desired, especially on the smaller streets, so walking back along a narrow, cracked footpath means stepping out onto the road often. Which means sharing with the oncoming traffic. Which is also sharing with the motorbike riders who claim the road as theirs. It’s a delicate balance, but one that happens at 60kmph.

I really wanted to see the basketball court from ground level, so we carefully walked back. And I’m glad we did, because a bit further back, down a narrow lane, was an illuminated sign for Euro Deli, a German/Swiss restaurant; right at the (back) foot of our building!

Inside was plenty of beer-y decor and decoration, lots of cartoon pigs, and pamphlets, posters and a banner for The Matterhorn: Malaysia’s biggest burger. That’s right, the German/Swiss food place next door had it’s own eating challenge. An eating challenge!

The Matterhorn, as you can see from the pics, is a giant burger. It measures 9 inches (~23cm) wide, and 6″ (15cm) tall. The pamphlets were printed ‘actual size’, and the waiter felt compelled to show us the model of the burger. It was enormous! Eyes-belly to the extreme!

The basic rules of the Matterhorn challenge are:

  1. You have to sign a waiver (!)
  2. You must eat the whole thing and leave nothing behind
  3. You must complete the task in 45 minutes
  4. You must do it alone (no sharing)

The waiter told us no one has completed the challenge, and by the size of the patty in my regular burger, I could see why. If you complete the challenge you are awarded a ‘mystery prize’, and the burger is free. If you attempt the challenge and fail, you get no prize, save for a monster stomach ache), and it’s RM88 (~AUD$30).

We ordered and ate normal sized meals. Well, by ‘normal’ I mean slightly small. And by any true European standard, bloody small. I guess it was expensive by KL standards (two mains + two non-alcoholic drinks + two deserts = ~$AUD40), but it was tasty, and it had pork Real pork. And they weren’t shy about it :) I’d go there again no problem, especially for their brekkie menu.

We’ll have to have roti canai another day…