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A quick note

I’m going to begin separating the single-photo posts on this site from the main posts. What this means is that individual photo posts will not be displayed on the home page or the RSS feed, they’ll only exist in the photography section. Instead, I will begin a series of monthly posts (my brain is yet to hatch a name) containing a gallery of photos I’ve worked on for that month. Most of the time, I create more images than I write articles, and I feel it takes away from the textual aspect of this site — especially for folks back home who are reading to find out what’s been going on in KL. I’m enjoying writing (at least at the moment) so I want the text to be accessible without having to wade through a bunch of photos.

If you’re interested in my photos, you can keep up to date on my Flickr page, or on the photography page of this site. Otherwise, just sit back and wait to see what I put Photoshop through every 30-odd days.

  • Aga
    Aga Aga

    OMG… I just read this and my brain did a backflip. On the positive – you have taught me new geek-nerd stuff. Respect. Word. xo Aga

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Heh ;)

    Nerd stuff is good. I think everyone has a little nerd in them. Yinerd and yang.