Things: Yellow belt

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Those who know me well know that I’ve disliked yellow things for a long time. When I used to surf I hated seeing yellow surfboards in magazines, flicks, and shops. I hated, and still do hate, yellow drumkits[1. For the record, my drumkit is “Amber Gold“, not yellow.]. And yellow cars? Pfffft. So it came as some surprise to me when Kelly and I were travelling around the south island of New Zealand, that I saw a yellow belt in a boutique accessories store, and felt a little tingle in my nethers.

Unfortunately, but understandably, I brushed it off. How could I buy a bright yellow belt with my hatred of yellow things. But in the weeks after we returned to Australia I kept thinking about it, thinking about all the characteristics except the colour. It was a simple belt. Wide at about 40–50mm. And the edges were cut so that the edges were perfectly flat without any rounding. Everything was awesome except the colour, and well, the price tag ~NZ$200.

On the New Zealand trip Kelly was involved in an incident of retail theft. A hat she tried on and was considering buying had been stolen by another customer while she was wandering around the store making up her mind. It was a blow to be sure, and at that moment the rule of “If you want it, get it” was created. My reluctance to believe in my gut instinct and nether tingling resulted in similar post-holiday regret.

In the following years, I searched high and low for another yellow belt. I searched out, emailed, and even rang the store we saw the belt in, but they no longer stocked it. I googled for a long time without success. I even asked many friends to keep a lazy eye out while they lived their lives.

Then, a couple years later we were in Thailand for a conference with Kelly’s work. On the day before we left to come home we visited Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. There, after a full morning’s shopping we found my mythical yellow belt. It wasn’t the same at the belt in New Zealand, but it was very close. It was simple, wide, and cheap. And yellow.

Really, yellow?

To be honest, I really don’t know the reason I’m letting my yellow-hate slide on this particular item. I suspect it has something to do with the two-year worldwide search, but the actual reason isn’t important. I like wearing this belt so much I no longer wear any other.

The colour, as you can see, is a strong rubber ducky yellow. And despite it’s boldness, I reckon it goes with almost any other colour. Well, almost any other colour of pants or shorts that I own: black, brown, olive green, blue denim, and even camo. Other leather belts create a problem stylistically[2. Probably shouldn’t quote me when I talk about style…] by being a shade of brown that differs too little from your leather shoes or bag, or, it matches perfectly, making you seem you’re trying to hard. The beauty of yellow is that it has neither of these problems. It’s so different that it looks good. Or at least I think looks good[3. Read above footnote.].

Hell yes, yellow.

I still dislike yellow surfboards, drumkits, and cars. But I love my yellow belt.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    I’m flabbergasted and amazed you found another yellow belt and
    for someone who doesn’t like yellow
    this and the next post are interesting examples of how, maybe, yellow likes YOU.

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Ha! Maybe. Yellow, as a colour, is fine. It’s when things are yellow it starts to get my goat.