October, 2010

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Auto wash, detail, and maintenance

Wash – Clean – Perfect – Protect – Maintain WASH Rinse with high pressure to loosen any dirt. Wheels, wheel wells, and skirts first. Then roof, bonnet, grille, sides and back. Clean the engine bay. Remove leaves and debris. Use a light spray from hose to remove dirt. Use Citrus Grime Remover (APC) and brushes to scrub engine clean. Rinse with light spray. Start car wash by getting bugs and stubborn dirt with Citrus Grime Remover (APC). Spray on leave for a minute, wash off with wash mitt.

Great things come in small, foil-stamped packages

I bought a book yesterday:101 Things I Learned In Architecture School, buy Matthew Frederick. I’m not an Architect, so why did I buy it? Well, it was pretty cheap for a start, ~$16 bucks. It’s attractive. It has a thick, raw artboard cover with two-colour foil stamping, and a linen spine. And it’s around A5 size. It took me only four or five pages of flicking in the store to decide to bring it home with me like a sad-eyed puppy.

Back to the my perfect Mac

I’ve ordered the new 11-inch MacBook Air Apple announced at their recent “Back to the Mac” media event. I haven’t seen it in person, played with it, or read any detailed reviews, but I ordered it anyway. You know why? Because it’s the laptop I’ve always wanted. A few years back I side-graded to a 12-inch PowerBook G4 (pictured above) from the 14-inch MacBook for reasons of small-enising. I loved the look and the feel of a 12-inch computer — it felt high-end, purposeful, designed.

BBQs galore

McGauz, the great motivator As James (McGauz)’s arrival was getting closer, I was finally forced to rectify our BBQ situation. By situation I mean lack of one, and by rectify I mean organise a gas bottle and conversion hose to our Aussie BBQ. This was no easy feat. To find a gas bottle was difficult. I was told to go to any service station to pick one up, but none of the many Esso, Caltex, or Shell servos had one.

Batu Caves

Yesterday I took @McGauz to Batu Caves. According to Wikipedia: The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia. The cave is cool, but to get there you need to ascend 272 steep steps. McGauz was ecstatic, especially when he reached the top[1. By ecstatic I mean sore-legged and grumpy :P]. You should come and check it out for yourself. After the climb and descent, we had lunch of some deliciously fresh roti canai, and roti banana.

My mini Myvi

While exploring Bukit Bintang last night, Kelly, McGauz, and I went into a toy shop to look for a gift for Kelly’s niece Alannah. There was nothing of too much interest, except of course, the 1:32 scale model of the legendary Malaysian-made Perodua Myvi! And it came in the same colour as our actual Myvi! And at RM49.95, it was almost the same price :P This morning I had a close look at the miniature car and was astounded at the attention to detail it has.

Do things happen for a reason?

When James and I met up at KL Sentral station yesterday, it was about an hour later than scheduled (not his fault of course). We greeted and hopped on a train headed towards my place. Two stations later James realised he’d left a bag inside the cargo hold of the shuttle bus. Holy crap! We immediately got off at the next stop to get a train back. Fortunately, another train was right there, we got back quickly, and recovered the bag.

Why I (almost) got rid of iOS folders

As you all know, when iOS 4 was released for iPhone and iPod Touch, a feature called Folders was introduced. Folders allows you to combine or store up to 12 apps in one slot on your home screen, essentially allowing up to 192 apps to be accessible without swiping to other screens. I eagerly downloaded the iOS 4 update onto my iPhone to play with folders (and the other features iOS 4 brought). After a few minutes of mucking about I worked out how I was going to set up my iPhone to make use of folders.