BBQs galore

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McGauz, the great motivator

As James (McGauz)’s arrival was getting closer, I was finally forced to rectify our BBQ situation. By situation I mean lack of one, and by rectify I mean organise a gas bottle and conversion hose to our Aussie BBQ.

This was no easy feat. To find a gas bottle was difficult. I was told to go to any service station to pick one up, but none of the many Esso, Caltex, or Shell servos had one. Bummer[1. Bummer? WTF?! Am I back in the 90s watching Ninja Turtle reruns?!]. After a few days of driving around I found a large, industrial orange and yellow gas bottle from our favourite supermarket Hock Choon. Large enough, I think, to not require a refill for our whole stay in KL. They had the gas, but of course, they didn’t have the hose or connector.

Kelly knew there was a BBQ King store in Pavillion shopping centre so this seemed like the place to go for the conversion hose. Despite BBQ King being listed online, and on the information boards in the shopping centre itself, the store had actually closed down. Welcome to Malaysia, mofo.

As I left Pavillion I ducked into an older, very dodgy-looking shopping centre (did I ever mention KL is basically shopping centres with roads in between?) to look for a hardware store of some kind. My luck must’ve turned because there was a tiny hardware store with the malaysian converter and hoses! But, the little Chinese man told me he couldn’t put them both together: “We don’t provide that service”.

Crap. Maybe my luck hadn’t turned after all :(

All of a sudden, as we were looked at the parts I needed, the old man decided that they could provide the service, for a fee of RM20 (~$7 Oz). Great I thought, but as he worked, I realised he was — and this is the best way I can describe it — “mickey-mousing” something together for me. The new connector to the gas bottle, to a Malaysian-sized hose, to a brass connector, to smaller brass connector, to the Aussie-sized hose, which connects to our BBQ. The way I saw it, he basically added a bunch of new points where the gas could now escape. And ignite. Grouse.

Careful with that hose Eugene

In true form, I had organised a BBQ event at our apartment for myself, Kelly, James, and our new friend Milia, before I had tested the BBQ. I guess I was just excited — it had been a good six months since my last BBQ. Fortunately, the mickey-moused gas hose connections held together well during testing. Well, there was no unintended ignition at least. The gas bottle itself doesn’t have a tap, so when you connect the ‘regulator’ to the bottle the gas shoots out the end of the hose, and, if you’re me, right into your eye. Next time I did this I made sure the hose was actually connected to the BBQ :S

A first time for everything

So, Milia (new friend) came over at 8pm, as Kelly and I frantically mickey-moused[2. Heh.] the hamburgers and salads together. Minutes later the inaugural KL BBQ was in full swing: the BBQ was flaming, the Kransky’s were sizzling, the hamburgers were cooking, the steaks were… BBQing, and the corn cobs were… um, roasting? Anyway, the food was getting cooked, and were getting hungry. Fortunately, Kelly and Milia had made some fresh mojitos, so time waiting for food was enjoyable.

Let there be light

There is no BBQ area at our place, so the BBQ’s hidden around the back of our second balcony, past the washing machine and dryer, and down where the bats reside. I should call it the Bat Cave® from now on, because at night, as with regular bat caves, there’s no bloody light. To counter this, I had Kelly switch the light on in the guest bathroom which produced a dull orange light, enough to see what you were doing (and take some out of focus photos) but not enough to accurately measure the level of cooked-ness of the steaks and burgers (or take some in focus photos).

I found the best way to cook in the Bat Cave® is by 12-inch Maglite. That means one hand on the tongs for BBQ control, one on the mojito for intoxication, and one on the Maglite for illumination. This is best can only be performed with the help of newly found friend Milia. I’d use Milia’s Maglite illumination again, it was top-notch.

Let there be food

We ate. It was rad.

Anyone for seconds?

Everyone agreed that the inaugural BBQ should by no means be the last. It could’ve been the mojitos talking, but I don’t think so. From now on I reckon my lunchtime routine will include a breast of chicken, some salad, some relish, and some good ol’ LPG. Live it up a little, Kirk-style. And it might even feel a bit like Oz, with summer-esque heat ~34°C. Being 25 floors up would be a bit different I suppose, as would the constant risk of a gas bottle explosion. But we Aussies love a barbie!


    NOW I WANT A BBQ FOR DINNER but Willo, or resident BBQ Chef is in Sydney working (erm and living it up with the Graveyard Train by all accounts)

    le sigh.

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    BBQs are epic. I cannot believe I didn’t get his happening sooner.