Do things happen for a reason?

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When James and I met up at KL Sentral station yesterday, it was about an hour later than scheduled (not his fault of course). We greeted and hopped on a train headed towards my place. Two stations later James realised he’d left a bag inside the cargo hold of the shuttle bus. Holy crap! We immediately got off at the next stop to get a train back. Fortunately, another train was right there, we got back quickly, and recovered the bag. Awesome.

But you know what was awesome-er? Right after we’d picked up our bag, we walked through a bunch of people who’d just arrived on another shuttle bus from the airport, and Marty’s good mate Blake and his girlfriend were collecting their bags! People we knew! From North Melbourne! In KL! Right then!

I’ve never been one to believe in serendipity, but things like this make me wonder: What about aliens?

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    Life’s weird like that, huh?

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Aliens, Mish. Aliens.