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Last weekend, well, from Thursday night to Sunday, Kelly and I went to Langkawi, an island of the west coast of Malaysia.

We stayed at Temple Tree and… wait, wait, wait. I have a confession to make: my brain is fried from collecting, selecting, Photoshopping, and optimising the photos from the trip, and really, this blog post was intended to show you some of the photos we took. Langkawi is an incredibly photogenic place, especially Temple Tree, so I think we’ll stick with photos as the focus of this post. I will, however, give you the trip in point form in case you were curious about what we did.

  • Cheap flights from Air Asia sale ~AU$50 return.
  • Stayed at Temple Tree (highly recommended).
  • Temple Tree is an animal refuge, as well as a rad ‘resort’. Don’t go if you don’t like cats.
  • The rooms at Temple Tree are relocated traditional Malaysian and Chinese houses.
  • It was late on Thursday night when we arrived, but we saw the blackboard restaurant specials menu and ordered braised lamb pie and Tiger beer to our room. Awesome.
  • We hung out at Cenang beach on the Friday drinking cocktails, tweeting, eating hamburgers, and contemplating kayaking and para-sailing on Saturday.
  • Had dinner at Bon Ton. Kinda expensive but great food.
  • Watched the geckos scurry on the lamps and the cats play-fighting.
  • Saturday morning. Hired a car for the day with plans to do a bunch of stuff around the island. The car was cheap and dodgy, and was given to us almost completely empty of fuel. This, combined with the terribly designed tourist map, made for an urgent and difficult search to find a petrol station. At least we got to talk with some local women on a scooter who escorted us to one.
  • It rained all Saturday long.
  • We drove through the rain to the cable car, only to have it closed until the weather improved. Had some dodgy satay pebbles[1. It was chicken but some parts were cooked to literal charcoal, hence pebbles] and some curry instead.
  • Returned to our beautiful room to finish watching Entourage and begin watching True Blood on the iPad[2. Actually, we watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland but was such an utter waste of time that I can only mention it in the footnotes. And I’m being generous to do even that.].
  • This, as it turned out, was a great way to spend an afternoon.
  • Drove to Kuah town in the evening for dinner and a look-see. Nothing much to report. Better to stay in Cenang if you’re in Langkawi.
  • Sunday morning. Hired the car again (car hire 2.0).
  • Did the cable car, Temurun Waterfall, lunch at Datai private beach resort and Black Sand beach.
  • Datai seemed like the place Brad Pitt and *insert current girlfriend* might go when on the island. We felt like impostors. Their two main eating areas are separated by private golf-buggy escort. Ooh-la-la.
  • Returned to relax by the pool at Temple Tree.
  • Realisation that our hire car was probably someone’s actual car.
  • Ate a somewhat speedy, but delicious, dinner at Strait’s Club House.
  • Flight back to KL at 9:15pm.
  • Flight delayed.
  • Flight back to KL at 9:45pm.

Langkawi was a great little long weekend away; it felt like much more than three days. I recommend staying at Temple Tree if you travel to Langkawi. There are cheaper places to be sure, but few which are as beautiful. Fewer still with plentiful cats.

Selected photos:

See the full set (99 photos) on Kelly’s and my Flickr page.

Also, for those who saw these three tweets, we didn’t end up doing any of those things. Next time Gadget, next time…