My mini Myvi

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While exploring Bukit Bintang last night, Kelly, McGauz, and I went into a toy shop to look for a gift for Kelly’s niece Alannah. There was nothing of too much interest, except of course, the 1:32 scale model of the legendary Malaysian-made Perodua Myvi! And it came in the same colour as our actual Myvi! And at RM49.95, it was almost the same price :P

This morning I had a close look at the miniature car and was astounded at the attention to detail it has. For example:

  • The miniature has a little scratch in the paintwork right on the back wheel cover. On close inspection it appears to be a rub from another car most likely attained in a miniature public car park. Very realistic.
  • Only the front doors will open; and they both pop open themselves when the miniature crashes into something. Sounds about right.
  • The underside is made of plastic.

In fact, the only difference I can see between the toy and the original is it has “made in China” written on the bottom. I can safely assume the real Myvi has “Made in Malaysia” written on its underside, but I haven’t checked.

Needless to say, the miniature Myvi has proudly taken a prominent place in the pool room on the bookshelf in the lounge. It looks awesome.

Balls. I just noticed that the text in the last three images has a typo (yes, x3). I don’t have the PShop files any longer, so I’m not gonna fix it. *sigh*