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ATV Panorama

On sunday morning we went ATV riding (driving?) in the jungles of Kuala Lumpur. Yes, we have those. The morning was organised by Michelle C (not Michelle S [both recently made friends]) who had been ATVing there several times before.

ATVs (all terrain vehicles), or any motor sport really, is not Kelly’s and my thing, and I was a bit nervous to be honest. Having never been on an ATV before, or in a Malaysian jungle, let alone both at the same time, didn’t help. Either did signing a bump and scratch waiver, or being told that if we crash we’re responsible for the cost of any ATVs to be fixed. Grouse :S

After having completed a couple of short training runs at the base, we quickly got used to the power and steering (not power-steering), and even going up and down some fairly steep inclines became pretty easy after you’d knocked a few over. As it had rained the night before, It was quite muddy, and we drove through a bunch of big puddles. Once I’d done a few of those they became fun too :) Another benefit of the rain was that the waterfall at the turn-around point was running strongly, not what Michelle had experienced last time she was out. Bonus.

All in all it was worth getting up at 7:30am on a Sunday to try it out — we had a great time. In fact, I’m gonna take some people when they visit next — I’m looking at you Marty and Davo. The cost was reasonable at RM150 (~$50 Oz) for an hour and a half.

Recommended. Thanks Michelle.

PS. It was impossible to get more action pics because my hands were pink-knuckled around the handlebars. I’ll ask the group if they can generously lend me some of theirs for this post.