Branding: iTme

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Logo and stationery design for iTme, a new IT consultancy for the medical industry in Australia. This consultancy focuses on high-level customer service, and expert knowledge in IT within the medical industry.

Design onsiderations identified from client discussions and briefings were:

  • Ensure the company name was easily read and understood as IT-me (two separate words) and not a mistaken for “Time”. This allows for further branding possibilities, e.g. contactME, and supportME
  • The design needed to be ‘friendly’ to promote high-level customer interaction and support
  • The design needed to be approachable and not to look too ‘techy’
  • The design needed to reference the medical industry

This final design uses an icon and a word mark. The icon stylistically presents as ‘iT’ — the primary visual indicator of the company name. The ‘i’ resembles a person/human icon representing a focus on customer support, and the ‘T’ is a modern version of a cross ‘+’ a globally recognised icon for health, medical, or hospital. The icon can be further be interpreted as a pixel grid, subtly referencing the digital/technological aspect of the company.

I gave the company name a lowercase ‘i’ to reference the popular consumer based technology space (iPhone, iPad etc). This was a good way to both immediately resonate with the viewer as a an understandable and friendly technology provider, but also to ensure the viewer reads the name as I-T, and not “it”. I believe this was necessary, especially when displaying the company name as a single line: iTme reads as eye-tee-me, whereas ITme (capital I)reads as it-mee.

The lime green was selected as a differentiation to the usual light blue/white colours of many medically related logos and brandings. The lime green remains clean and fresh, without looking too sterile. It counters the grey/silver well because it’s lighter in tone than the grey, increasing contrast and dynamic in the logo.

The stationery design is based on a strong ‘cross’ of lines, referencing the logo’s cross. The position of the logo on both the letterhead and name card helps them look distinctive and contemporary.

Designed under contract for Six Degrees Digital.