eDinner™ c/o @jamjar

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@jamjar had a rad idea which freaked my inbox out with the freak-out-ness of 1000 suns. eDinner™. Need I say more?

Probably. The eDinner™ is Jamjar’s 1000-sun idea to have a real-time webcast dinner between @herself, @myself, @borrrring, @foxmwoods, @diamondwillo, and @jetpackthedog. Using Skype, we’d all cook the same dinner and sit down simultaneously for a real-time dinner party. We’d set some MacBooks up at the end of our tables, switch everything on and away we’d go.

How < blink > AWESOME < /blink > is that?!?

Well, it gets better. For the inaugural, world-first eDinner™, we’ll be having BBQ![1. Yet to be confirmed.]. Another great idea brought to you by the good folk at @jamjar. Is there anything she can’t do?[2. Correction: Well, it appears she can’t do something like suggest BBQ for dinner. That credit goes to @diamondwillo, with @jetpackthedog in concurrence.]

The three-hour time difference needs to be accommodated (we’ll be having our dinner at 4:30pm here in KL) but other than that I can’t see a downside. Can you?

Skype, you better not fail us — this will be some historic shit.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    Credit where credit is due – whilst making our way through a bottle of Jack Daniels on Sunday night Willo and I talked about what we ought to eat on the online dinner thingo and it was he* who thought a BBQ would be good. Jetpack concurred.



    *I apologise if that is poor grammar – it was a pretty runny sentence to begin with.