I’d buy that for a dollar

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MacBook Air Sleeve $1.15.jpg

Well …for a dollar fifteen.

The MacBook Air 11.6 is beautiful (suck on that McGauz). I don’t generally go for laptop sleeves. I can see their place in the world, but unless I’m doing heavy moving around, I’d prefer the slickness of the machine itself. A few bumps and scratches never hurt anyone (only their resale value).

But this machine — I dunno — I feel I need to protect it. I hoped I wouldn’t, but I’d been researching good, unique sleeves all over teh internets. Fox and I have been sending possible options back and forth since we both decided we needed to have an ‘Air’. There are some cool sleeves out there, but even through they are handmade, I wanted something less cool, more utilitarian, and if possible less expensive.

So today, while I was at the local hardware digs looking for some Acetone and an extra long 3mm allen key (hex wrench for you yanks) I walked right by the padded envelope section.

*lightbulb sound*

So I checked the sizes, made a had-a-father-who-was-a-handy-man-and-I-think-some-rubbed-off-on-me decision and picked up an “F/3″[1. It’s a perfect bloody fit for the 11.6 incher!][2. That’s what she said. – Michelle] sized Jiffylite® padded envelope. It’s not going to protect the Air from heavy sharp objects, or stanley-knife attacks, like say, leather would, but for quickly throwing it into a rucksack alongside the millions of unmarked bills during a tense but otherwise smoothly orchestrated bank robbery, it’s perfect.

Radstix and sauce :D

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    Michelle Michelle

    Comment for footnote 1: that’s what she said.