Lin Xi

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Today, we’ll go in and pay for our new original artwork by Chinese artist Lin Xi. The gallery from where we’re purchasing told us Lin Xi is a famous artist from China. I’m not sure I believe that really, because I can’t find any information on him other than on the gallery’s own website. But does it really matter? Not to us — we love the painting itself, not because of who painted it.

This will be the first piece of “art” we’ve purchased. We’ve seen a handful we liked over the years, but they were either prohibitively expensive, or not for sale. Until now, we’ve made do with framed gig posters and rare, signed, drum parts, which have been, and still are, great, but this new original painting will feel special.

Hope it looks as good or better than my mockup below does (click the image for a close up of the painting):

Mockup to check placement

  • Maa
    Maa Maa

    I love it! It’s very vibrant and colourful!