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I’ve reached a nerdy equilibrium; a digital nirvana. The combination of MacBook Air — small and light; ideal for couch and bed surfing and writing blog posts; and (beefed up) Mac Pro — heavy duty computing; where all my photo and design work is done; feels perfect. I love my Wacom tablet. I love the applications I use. I no longer feel the need to trial lots of software to find what I need — I have it. Everything just works.[1. The iPad is the straggler, but it seems happy sitting on the bookshelf displaying a rotating selection of our photos. I use it to read books on planes too, but truth be known, I probably wouldn’t miss it if it were gone.]

*happy sigh*

ps. It’s my brother’s birthday today. Happy birthday bro!

  • Arnaud
    Arnaud Arnaud

    I’ll take the iPad off your hands..

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Heh, I said I wouldn’t miss it — the wife, on the other hand…