Things I have received for my birthday so far…

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I know, I know, I’m milking it for all it’s worth :P

Anyway, for my birthday I received a few things, most importantly my MacBook Air. Well, it was going to be a gift from my wife, but true to form I had to have it ASAP, ruining what would’ve been one hell of a surprise (I never thought I’d receive a whole computer as a gift — who does that?). When my Air arrived I was told that was my birthday gift. Fair enough, I wasn’t going to complain.

On the morning of my actual birthday I received another gift from my wife: some book vouchers, cleverly hidden within the pages of an actual book (see what she did there?). But it gets better because the book itself was prefect for a nerd like me. Just how perfect?[1. Here’s a perfect place to put a commestion mark.] you can see in the images below. I probably shouldn’t put it up here — copyright and all — but I have to show you how apt the book is. I haven’t shown every page, and I’ve not revealed the ending, in case you want to buy the book for yourself. How grouse is it?

Other things I’ve received for my birthday so far are:

  • A grouse birthday card from McGauz personally delivered when he was over a few weeks ago
  • A grouse boiled egg holder/stand from my mother-in-law (the hat is a salt shaker!)
  • Some custom sewing of pure cotton scarves into handkerchiefs by my mum — grouse
  • A bunch of birthday tweets from friends and family (and one spammer — not so grouse)
  • And finally, grouse people buying my book

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. I’ve been in KL now about nine months, and it seems you haven’t forgotten me yet :)