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Facebook man

A picture taken tonight of a man at the restaurant we ate in as he casually catches up with his friends and family on Facebook. So what you say? Click the image for a closer view… I’m not making this up.

As an aside, Facebook for this guy was a right-to-left version, so everything was flipped horizontally compared to our western Facebook. I found this cool, and it was the reason I was snooping in his direction in the first place.

  • chris
    chris chris

    Well you have to research

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    I understand research, on a company site, or even eBay, but that’s facebook he’s using. One of his friends (probably from high school) said “Yo, have a look what I’ve collected”, in the same way as I’d show someone my my Japanese knives.

    …oh wait.