Flipping the switch

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I don’t know anything about politics really, but I know this: the last couple of weeks have brought forth a whole bunch of ridiculous scenarios that accumulatively have me asking if someone has thrown the switch on the New World Order.

First there was WikiLeaks. Whether you believe WikiLeaks is doing the right thing or the wrong thing is beside the point at the moment. What has me scratching my head is so far, as far as I’ve read, it is yet to be proven what WikiLeaks has done is illegal, and yet the powers-that-be in US government and their supporters are literally after Julian Assange’s blood, labelling him as a terrorist, and comparing him to the likes of Osama Bin Laden.

The US government has persuaded several web hosts to stop hosting WikiLeaks, as well as asked/persuaded/bullied banks and credit card companies to cut off Assange’s funding to the site. I’ll say it again, as far as I know, Assange and WikiLeaks have done nothing illegal. Jump. How high.

Assange has been arrested though, but not for WikiLeaks. He’s been arrested on allegations of sex-crimes in Sweden; something along the lines of he had consensual sex with two women, but didn’t tell them he wasn’t wearing protection. I’m in no position to guess whether it’s true or not, but it seems awfully convenient timing.

Next we have the US Department of Homeland Security partnering with Walmart in the War on Terror™. Fucking Walmart?! Gruber sums it up: “Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is starting to look like a documentary.”

Then there’s the official FBI warning that a Barbie toy video camera could be used for child pornography. And by could, they say “…an individual convicted of distributing child pornography had given a Barbie doll to a 6 year old girl”. Once? For her birthday? They also state “…examples where a concealed video camera had recorded child pornography.”

Obviously, the combination of these two items creates a new super-child-porn tool. Christ; I’m sensing a certain keenness to make me feel completely and utterly overcome by evil forces. Evil forces that the New World Order can hold at bay.

I should probably mention the mass outrage of the recently introduced backscatter x-ray machines at airports all over the US. Well, there’s the x-ray machines, which haven’t yet been proven to not cause cancer, but if you refuse to have yourself photographed naked underneath, or throughyour clothing, you get to be felt up by TSA employees. Y’know, incase you decided not to hide the bomb up your arse instead opting for just under your bra. This has now been aptly termed Gate Rape. And the stories are fucking ridiculous. I admit I’m lazy and get my information from a select few outlets, but these outlets do their research (and provide links). I love this idea; I just wish the humour was great enough that I could laugh the situation away.

The icing on the cake though, going back to the WikiLeaks fiasco, is the US is hosting the 2011 World Press Freedom Day.

I wish that was a joke.