I shot a wedding

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Combi Kiss

On my last day in Oz this Christmas, shot the wedding of my ex-boss and friend Arnaud and his fiancée Liz. It was my first ever wedding shoot, and let me tell you, it’s no picnic in the park[1. Flying to Sydney from Melbourne in the morning, driving an hour down to Wollongong, shooting for six or seven hours, driving back to Sydney, flying back to Melbourne, and then flying home to Kuala Lumpur in one day doesn’t help, and is not recommended for your first wedding shoot.] (although much of this wedding actually took place in parks).

I got over to Liz’s mum’s house to grab some pics of the bridal party getting ready, family and friends gathering, and some ambient stuff, which was fun and fairly easy. This is the way I like to photograph — casual, relaxed.

Then the wedding began. I’ve never meant this phrase as much as I do right now — shit got real. Having never been in this position before, the stress got the better of me. I was completely self-conscious of where I was standing and shooting. Was I blocking the guests’ view? Was I in the best position to get the rings going on? The first married kiss? I don’t know.

Looking through my half of the images today (there is another card in Arnaud’s camera with the rest of the images — I was rolling with two cameras on the day to easily switch between lenses [the other camera was a Nikon, which I have zero experience with other than the half-hour or so of playing with it before showtime, the knowledge of which immediately evaporated as soon as the aforementioned shit got real]), I think I did a reasonable job of getting the important parts documented. Many shots are over- or under-exposed, and some are even exposed correctly :)

I’ll see well I did when I get the rest of the images in a couple weeks. I feel semi-confident. Probably because I have the saving grace of 15+ years of Photoshop on my side…

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    wow – wedding photography is full on. You will have done an excellent job of it though, I bet.

    Happy New Year, Bart.

  • chris
    chris chris

    Looking forward to seeing some of the shots!
    Congrats AA and Liz!

  • Arnaud
    Arnaud Arnaud

    Dude – if it’s anything like like your design work [or your new photography book], the pics will be great. Don’t stress too much:) And word – the shit was real!