Open letter to Loren Brichter of (updated again)

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Dear Loren,

Let me first say how much I love using the new “official” Twitter iPhone app. I used to use Tweetie for iPhone, and I absolutely understand why the powers-that-be at Twitter bought your creation. Put simply, it’s radsticks with sauce. And clever. Clev-sticks?

Secondly, let me say how much I love using Tweetie for Mac. It’s all the clevsticks of Tweetie for iPhone, but for Mac. It’s simple, small, and simple. Put simply, it’s rad. But it’s not perfect. And hasn’t been for a long time.

I can imagine you’ve been up-to-the-eyeballs busy on mobile-ising Tweetie for iPhone into Twitter for iPhone and iPad, both of which are rad- and clev-sticks (with sauce), but you have to come back to the Mac to update Tweetie. Even just briefly.

Gruber (or possibly Dan) said in a recent episode of The Talk Show that while Twitter had bought all of Tweetie’s intellectual property, they had “gifted” you back Tweetie for Mac. This got me a little tingly in the nethers, as I took it that you’d come back to update it. I have my fingers crossed. In case the rumour is true, I want you to know the things which I (and many, many others, I’m sure) think are missing from Tweetie that are keeping it from being the perfect desktop Twitter client. In order of importance:

  1. A drop down selection or auto-complete from your followers for @replies. It’s there for direct messages, but not for @replies. I don’t have the most followers in the world, but even with only 30 or so I can’t always remember their usernames or the spelling of them. Last thing I want to do is send a saucy @reply to someone I don’t know.
  2. Be able to delete a tweet. No that’s not a typo; this is as important as the point above. I hate to have to go into the Twitter web interface — that’s why I bought a Twitter desktop client. I certainly hate going into the web interface in a hurry after I’ve posted something with an error. It may just be me, but this is exactly when the web interface decides to be slower than an asthmatic ant carrying its shopping[1. Line stolen from a Blackadder episode (not sure which one, but it was the World War 1 series). Classic.]. I’m no developer, so I have no idea how easy or difficult this one is to implement. Others are doing it, so I reckon someone of your obvious talents could smash this one out, no worries.
  3. Be able to un-favourite a tweet. This one seems to be an error, ‘cos I can’t imagine it to be that way by design.

Hopefully you’ll be working on an update soon. Thanks for your time.

Yours respectfully,


I received this email reply from Loren via the contact form:

noted :). on it.

This is good, ‘cos a) Loren’s reading my shit, b) it means he’s, well, on it; he’s aware of the problem/s, and intends on doing something about it, and c) he typed a dribbly smiley face. This can only mean he’s happily salivating to get back to Tweetie for Mac. Rad. Sticks.

He must be flat out though — no time to press the shift key for capitals. Godspeed Loren!

Update again

And here we have it: Twitter for Mac.
In/on the Mac app store. You need OSX 10.6.6 to get access to the store; Twitter for Mac os a free download!