All Star Comics, Melbourne

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Some dudes I know are opening a comic book store in Melbourne. Troy and Mitch are rad dudes, and they know a lot about comics (I went to Mitch’s house recently, and there was a life-sized Gremlin kickin’ about, as well as a giant Wall•E in the kitchen. He does that shit for fun.).

Keep tabs on the boys and All Star Comics as they set up and open in the coming weeks! Better yet, drop by and say g’day:

All Star Comics
Level 1, 410 Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne, 3000, Australia

This will be the type of anti-comic super store (*cough, Minotaur, cough*) that real comic fans will love. Good quality stuff peddled by good quality people. Their both sportin’ beards too, so they’re serious about their shit.

Congrats fellas! I’ll be sure to drop in when I’m in town next.