Book 1: The Bravest Knight That Ever Lived

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When I was seven (1983-ish), I wrote and illustrated (at least) four books. This is the first in a short series of four showing the fruits of my labour in what was undoubtedly the most productive year of my life (so far).

The Bravest Knight That Ever Lived

I believe this book was inspired by the film Jason and the Argonauts. I believe this because I flat out stole the name of the warriors in the film for my story. I don’t think anyone was the wiser.

The best part about these books was that I got to illustrate them. I’m sure this was the only reason I was so prolific in 1983. I just loved to draw.

The last page is particularly gruesome, as you can see from the dead guy spewing blood from several, no doubt man-made, orifices at the bottom of the page. You can also see a broken throne, a crown without a head, and some busted blue stuff. I think the guy standing has an eagle or some other crest on his chest. Perhaps it’s a Pontiac Firebird logo? The giant beast has streamers coming from his ankles, not unlike those of a little girl’s bike handles. I have no idea what the blue stuff surrounding Pontiac-man is. I’m guessing I started to draw random stuff upon completing the book because I wanted to prolong the heavy task of writing yet another volume.

This has one of the best endings of any book I’ve read. The recess bell probably rang.


  • Christos
    Christos Christos

    Very brave…
    I dig the coloured in O’s

    • Barto
      Barto Barto

      Bravery didn’t get him or the Argonauts anywhere in life.