Book 2: Trans Formers: I Like Trans Formers

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When I was seven (1983-ish), I wrote and illustrated (at least) four books. This is the second in a short series of four showing the fruits of my labour in what was undoubtedly the most productive year of my life (so far).

Trans Formers: I Like Trans Formers

You don’t need an explanation of where the inspiration for this tome came from, however the choice to include a giant rabbit on the cover playing with “Trans Formers” instead of the Transformers themselves probably does. So here goes: I reckon it was Easter time when this book was penned. I don’t think mum was feeding me mushrooms for lunch, although being Polish it’s possible.

Please note my penchant for math and economics on page one, where I state the prices for two Transformers. Thinking back, I’m not sure these prices were accurate (a fair bit on the low side). But who knows? My pocket money was three bucks per week so I was never able to afford a Transformer on my own without serious saving. I think this influenced the low price points. Wishful thinking.

On page two we have a a couple of typos. As mentioned in an earlier post we wrote these stories and the teacher took them home to type them up. Here was a fundamental problem: What the hell does a primary school teacher know about Transformers? I mean, seriously, Deceptions? Also note my use of double meaning in “He is a gun.”

On (page two and) page three we have another shining example of math skills. Page two states “Soundwave had five cassettes. Two … are condors…” and on page three “There are two other tapes.” Brilliant stuff. I went on to take math methods in high school.

This book is obviously a non-fiction (the humanoid-bunny on the cover proves this). It ends abruptly (like my first book) but what else do you need to know about Transformers?



On the cover, that’s a tail between his legs (thanks Kelly).

  • Maa
    Maa Maa

    We’re very happy that the “books” brought you so many memories and enjoyment!

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Thanks Maa. Hopefully other will like them too.

  • Aga
    Aga Aga

    i’d go so far as to say you have proved you coined the term ‘a gun’… coz i read the book b4 ur blurb and picked up the double entendre (sic) myself! love the reference to bumble bee, he is a gun!